Best Budget Gaming PC 2017

The year 2017 we had some awesome new releases in regards to CPUs from both Intel and AMD sides. But for this year I think AMD wins the CPU battle with the Ryzen release in term of best money to performance ratio. So the best budget gaming PC 2017 is an AMD based PC. For accountability, I assure you this is the PC I am using right now. I built this PC in June 2017 and I am really happy with it. Do you prefer laptops instead ? Check out this student laptop buying guide.

Complete hardware list :

Total : 650 $ for a FULL gaming rig (without monitor and peripherals)

Why Ryzen 5 1600 ?

In the similar price range of 220$ for an i5-7600k, Ryzen has 6 cores (12 threads) while the i5-7600k only has 4 cores (4 threads). With the newest technologies and better thread utilization in several applications, the 8 more thread of the Ryzen 5 1600 crush effortlessly any multi-threading applications which apply for video-editing, audio-editing, and new game releases

The Ryzen 5 1600 also comes with a whopping 16 MB of Cache memory ! While the core i5-7600k has only 6 MB cache. Which means that in any word-processing, rendering and file compression/decompression, the Ryzen has the big lead. The Ryzen 5 1600 has a TDP of only 65W while the i5 TDP is 91W so for once since a long time, AMD has a cooler CPU with more threads. Bonus for you, your electricity bills will be lower. A budget gaming PC with a low power consumption ! We couldn’t ask for more !

Now concerning gaming, according a test run by “Ryzen 5 copes better than Core i5 in heavily threaded workloads, while Intel’s chip pushes ahead in less complex scenes. This shot(see picture below) from our Crysis 3 benchmark shows the tipping point, with Ryzen holding its performance better overall.”



Why Nvidia graphic card rather than AMD ?

I took weeks before I could make my decision to buy the Nvidia 1050. For the 120 $ price range, the 1050 equivalent is the AMD Radeon Rx 460. They are of the same price and the RX 460 comes with 4 GB of RAM rather than the 2 GB of the 1050 but numerous FPS comparison favors in the 1050. I then though that running a team green card in a team red rig isn’t going to run. I am so glad I was wrong. You can check out this comparison of Graphics Card Benchmark YouTube Channel here. He runs the comparison of triple A games between the 1050, 1050 TI and the Rx 460. The differences are very minimal but any slightly improved performance is welcomed when building a budget gaming PC.

Concerning games like DOTA 2, Leagues of Legend, Counter Strike GO, etc both card can get you to 120 FPS at 1080p.



Only issue I got when I was installing Windows 10 on the system. Bear in mind because of the new Ryzen architecture, older Operating systems are not supported (Windows 8, Windows 7, etc) and you have to install an updated version of Windows 10. I tried to install a 2016 Windows 10 version and the system rebooted every 10 mins… So that is the only issue I got this far. Other than that, this system is awesome ! With the SSD, the computer boots in mere seconds, 8 GB ram is enough for simple multi-tasking (Google chrome, Photoshop, CS Go, Paladins, VLC open at the same time). I hope you enjoyed this guide and this is my take on the best budget gaming PC of 2017. I have tested all the hardware I mentioned above and they work perfectly together. You may shuffle them as you want to. Leave a comment if you have any suggestions for the hardware I mentioned above 🙂


  1. I think of getting affordable pc for the money and Ryzen looks really impressive. Do you think that can I play Batman’s latest game with this build for hours? I actually want to get the pc for that and I really want to be sure.

    • Yes you can play Batman’s latest game at 30 fps high settings easy. If you want better graphics, all you need to do is replace the GTX 1050 with a GTX 1050 TI or GTX 1060

  2. I am glad I found your website. I am starting the research to find gifts for my two geeky-grandsons for Christmas. I started off on Super Mario, too but think they would not be too impressed, so that is why I need your expertise about the new tech devices.
    Thank you for the price comparison pricing for the Nvidia 1050 and AMD Radeon Rx 460! DDee

  3. I’ve built every computer I’ve ever owned and I’ve got to say, it’s been a long time since I used an AMD processor. Probably since the first few I ever built. I am thinking real hard about going with a Ryzen with my next build in a few weeks. Gonna keep my fingers crossed that nothing game changing comes out of intel in the next few years.
    Great article.

  4. This is awesome. I thought Intel is having the best processor and I don’t bother to compare with AMD. All I know about the comparison of processor is the speed. Thanks for the detail explanation on how to compare processors.

    • I agree there was no need for comparison in the past as Intel always had the best technology. For once, they surpassed the market leader 🙂

  5. I remember reading how both Sony and Microsoft were deciding between Nvidia and AMD for the Xbox One and PS4, and ultimately decided on AMD because of the budget. I like to game on my PS4, but I wouldn’t mind building my own PC one day. If you know how to build, I would definitely want to read and refer back to it later

    • AMD has always been the runner up for Intel and for the first time in history, I think 2017 is a win for them 🙂 I will do one soon. Will keep you posted.

  6. As an avid video gamer myself, I am currently looking for a bigger and better setup than what I already have. Well actually I wouldn’t even call it a setup, it’s just a cheap laptop I use to run my business off of. Lol.

    And of course I’m not exactly loaded with money so this one is a great idea for people like me with a low budget. Thank you so much.

    • Hi Brandon,

      I was there myself ! Speaking by experience, there is nothing more liberating than buying your gaming rig that you built yourself and get to play any new game release on steam.

  7. I was just complaining about my desktop this weekend. I am not a gamer but I do a lot of work on my computer and mine is dragging slow and it gets frustrating at times. I know you stressed gaming but is it good for personal use like running my websites on and other personal things?

    • Hi Ronnie,
      Thanks for the comment ! Oh, I feel you. I remember the days when my computer was slow, but usually your data is still safe unless the computer freezes or restarts randomly then it might be a sign to act fast. Yes but this build might be an overkill. If you don’t do any video-editing or gaming, you could build a cheaper PC on the $100-150 processor price range and without the need of a dedicated graphics card. I will do this guide in the coming days. I will notify you when it’s done. 🙂

  8. Oh, thank you for this info! I am going to pass this article along to my husband. He is an avid gamer and wants more than anything to purchase a great gaming laptop.

    May I ask what got you into this field? You sound like you really know your stuff!

    • Glad that you liked it ! Sure do, I will gladly offer him some advice. I kind of was born in the tech age and with a true passion of computers, I started to upgrade and build my computer since the age of 14 and just kept learning since then 🙂

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