Laptop Buying Tips

We usually walk-by a computer store and see a shiny laptop screen with really nice thin bezels and a big promotion tag next to it thinking yeah this laptop rocks ! Well if you don’t I do. After buying my first 2 laptops at a young age, my perspective changed. Hence, find below my laptop buying tips.

#1. Know your needs before looking for the laptop.

My first tip is the first step to any buying process but we usually skip it. A laptop is like a house, a car or a wife. We don’t only look for the cover before making a long-term decision. We think about different factors. Buying a laptop is no different. What are you going to use it for ? Do you use any CPU hungry applications like Auto-CAD ? Are you a video editor or a graphic designer ? Depending on your needs, the features required in a laptop are going to change. Typically a laptop will be more expensive for a graphic designer than a web developer for example. If you are a student, you can check out my Student Laptop Buying Guide.

#2. Are you an iPhone or Android user ?

You would be surprised by how much this is overlooked. A good rule of thumb is, if you are an iPhone user, buy a MacBook. For compatibility issues, it would be better to connect your iPhone to your iTunes ready laptop than having to connect to a Windows laptop and hope that the first time works.

#3. Do you travel by motorcycle / walk a lot ?

That’s right if you travel by motorcycle, bus or walk a lot, chances are buying a big screen laptop is going to be a bad choice. Big screen laptops of about 15 inches are heavier than their counterpart 11 inches. Now this is something you have to weigh in yourself, performance vs ease of use. Laptop with dedicated graphic cards and high end CPUs are also heavier.

#4. How long do you usually work out of the office ?

If are on the run all day, a laptop with a better battery performance should be the choice. The average amount of time people spend away from a power socket in a typical day is no more than 5 hours. Most modern laptop have enough battery power to satisfy the average Joe but if you are always moving, buying a laptop with a greater battery capacity should be the better choice.

#5. Are you a touch or keyboard person ?

Thanks to the cutting edge technology, we now have laptop and tablet 2 in 1. This is great for tablet users that can have the portability of a tablet and versatility of a laptop. But for me personally, I hate tablets. I bought a 7 inch tablet last summer and sold it no more than 2 days after. I cannot work on tiny screen or type on a screen as I have been working(gaming) on a computer since I was 11 years old. So there you have it, if you usually use tablets, buy a laptop with the 2 in 1 option or if you are like me, don’t bother to buy one of these.


Those were my top 5 laptop buying tips. I hope this will help you in your next laptop purchase and if I missed anything, please feel free to comment below !


  1. Hey Chris, great article!

    This one is very good because of the fact that you outline specific reasons for choosing one over the other. I do believe that Android users should stick to Ubuntu, Linux or Windows and that iPhone users should stick to Apple. I do feel as though most Apple users generally stick to other Apple products.


    • Hey Michael thanks for the comment ! Yes we are on the same page. I believe it is best for the everyday ease of use as an ex iPhone user I cannot count how much time I had compatibility issues for connecting my iPhone to my iTunes account on my Windows PC.

  2. Hello
    Great tips, I bought my laptop too at a very young age and struggled with the wrong pick couple of times and then I had learnt my lessons. No doubt, the laptop store is fancy and those salespeople make every laptop appealing to you. I struggled with using toshiba laptop while I used iphone so I then decided to invest in macbook and that has been the best decision. Weight of it really matters as well, because one day you would have to travel with your laptop. Thank you for sharing.


    • Hi Ramandeep,

      I’m sorry that you had to go through this also. I agree that connecting your iPhone to a MacBook is the best feeling ever without any compatibility issues.


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